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FAR CRY 6 Android

FAR CRY 6 Mobile

Far Cry 6 Mobile is now available on Android devices. The mobile version of the game is straightforward to download and install.

Our developers have done an excellent job when releasing games for Android-based tablets and phones before. Far Cry 5 was launched at almost the same time as its console counterparts, which was definitely appreciated by our fans. This year we decided to reanimate the same trend with Far Cry 6 Android - after all, gamers love playing games everywhere they go, not just in front of their TVs.

A sneak peak at FAR CRY 6 Mobile

You can now play Far Cry 6 on mobile devices

FAR CRY 6 Android

The Android version of Far Cry 6 is practically the same game as its console counterparts. The graphics are impressive, the gameplay is smooth, and it can be played offline without an Internet connection. The full game setup will automatically download all of the necessary game files. It will also automatically optimize the game so you can enjoy playing it without any lags.

Enjoy the free download of Far Cry 6 Mobile game

Far Cry's newest game is available for many platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition, we decided to port the game on both Android and iOS devices. The Far Cry 6 APK has been released as a free download. You can download the installer, begin the installation process of the game and enjoy the playing in a matter of minutes. The full game setup doesn't require any special skills to install Far Cry 6 on your mobile phone.

The intuitive control system makes the game unique

What makes the mobile version particularly efficient is the controls - they are much easier to handle when compared to similar games for mobiles with the touch-only interface. While many aspects make this game enjoyable on different devices, having an excellent virtual controller is definitely an advantage that must not go unnoticed.

Enhanced graphics of Far Cry 6 on Android

Another exciting feature that has been included in Far Cry 6 is the graphics. The textures have been compressed with a lossless algorithm. Everything in Far Cry 6 Mobile looks just as good as it does on a high-end gaming PC. Even if your phone is 5 years old, take advantage of the free download and install the game on your phone. You should definitely give Far Cry 6 Android a try. You will be amazed by how great the Far Cry 6 Android version looks.

No need for a high-end mobile device to download Far Cry 6 APK

FAR CRY 6 for Android

We used water tech in Far Cry 6 APK for mobile devices. Rivers look in this Android APK is simply stunning and can compete with most modern AAA games. If you want to enjoy playing Far Cry 6 Mobile at its best when going through this adventure, enjoy the free download. You don't need a full game setup with a high-end device, like NVIDIA Shield or Razer Phone. Far Cry 6 Mobile will look stunning even on mobile phones that are several years old!

The game will be constantly updated with new features

For now, the only real downside of Far Cry 6 for Android is that there are no pre-order bonuses included. Those will be available to download in a couple of weeks. You can still download the full game setup (the installer) and enjoy the 6th instalment of the Far Cry series today! This title is so much better in comparison to other mobile games out there.

A little about the storyline of Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, created by Ubisoft Toronto, players will find themselves in Yara, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Caribbean islands struggling under the despotic El Presidente (voiced by Giancarlo Esposito). Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles, watercrafts and aircrafts, players will write their own story across this largest Far Cry playground yet. Download the game today and defeat El Presidente before it's too late!

The success of the Far Cry series

According to Ubisoft's official website, Far Cry is one of the most popular game series created by them. Each game in this series is set in a different location with unique missions. However, the games all revolve around some standard features, such as action-packed adventures in exotic locations with beautiful sights and exciting gameplay through various weapons and vehicles.

The 6th instalment in the series, Far Cry 6, had already made quite an impression when unveiled at the E3 event. There's no surprise that Far Cry 6 Mobile brings a whole new level of hype to the world of mobile games.

Far Cry 6 Mobile - the conclusion

We'd like to conclude our Far Cry 6 Android review by mentioning that the game is released as a free download. You can download and install it directly from our website. There's no doubt that both Google Play Store and Apple AppStore will make it available soon enough. All things considered, if you want to play the Far Cry 6 Mobile game on your favourite Android device, then do it now. After all, you'll get free access to additional missions with our installer!

How to download FAR CRY 6 for Android

How to download FAR CRY 6 Mobile

  • Download FAR CRY 6 APK to your computer or mobile device
  • If you downloaded it to your PC, transfer the file to your phone or tablet
  • Run the installer and allow Unkown Sources in case you get a security warning
  • Wait up to 2 minutes for the installation process to finish
  • Find Far Cry 6 Android in your app list and run the game
  • You can now play the game as it downloads OBB and data along the way

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